My Beauty Diary - Summer Snow Grass Balancing Face Mask 3 pcs

Brand from Taiwan: My Beauty Diary. Approaches texture disorder caused by external stimuli. Formulated with herbal extracts that have been popular since ancient times. It supports the skin barrier while maintaining a good balance of moisture and oil in the skin, making it healthy. Formulated with French plant extracts rich in vitamin E. It moisturizes dead skin cells that tend to accumulate on the skin due to lifestyle habits, etc., and leads to smooth skin. The highly permeable oil extracted by advanced science is similar to the sebum naturally secreted from the skin. So it promotes permeation into the skin and makes the skin firm and glossy. How to use: Remove the mask from the bag and spread it over the entire face. Peel off the white plastic sheet. Remove the mask after 10 minutes. If you have time, leave it on for 20-30 minutes to give your skin more moisture. When the essence remains on your face, lightly massage it with your fingertips to blend it in. No need to rinse with water. After mask care, please do your usual care with milky lotion or cream.

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